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Our brands

Bel has developed a portfolio of more than 30 international and domestic brands strongly positioned in their respective markets: La vache qui rit® is sold in almost 136 countries, Kiri® and Mini Babybel® in over 76. Leerdammer® is the world’s eleventh best selling cheese brand available in 27 countries.


La vache qui rit

La vache qui rit, a Bel brand


Boursin, a Bel brand


Kiri, a Bel brand


Babybel, a Bel brand


Leerdammer, a Bel brand


Maredsous, a Bel brand


Cantadou, a Bel brand

Port Salut

Port Salut, a Bel brand


Bonbel, a Bel brand


La Vache Qui Rit®: Cheese with a smile!

La Vache Qui Rit, a Bel brand

La Vache Qui Rit® is one of the world's best loved cheese brands. And it's easy to see why. It is convenient and fun, with a superbly smooth, creamy taste. The cheese is also a natural source of calcium, which is good news for teeth and bones.

Totally new to France when first launched in 1921, La Vache Qui Rit® introduced a whole new way of eating cheese, thanks to an original recipe combining a unique flavour and a creamy, melting texture.

Originating in France, La Vache Qui Rit® is a truly international cheese, eaten in more than 136 countries on five continents, from North Africa to the USA, from England to Japan, from Africa to Australia. More than 20 million portions are sold each day across the world ie around 240 portions per second.

Reflecting different languages and cultures, La Vache Qui Rit® has a different name in each country: The Laughing Cow® in United-States and UK, La vaca que rié® in Spain, A vaca que ri® in Portugal, Con bo cuoi® in Vietnam etc...

And today, she still has plenty of surprises in store, especially on the Internet : the French website www.pourquoilavachequiritrit.com is run by a community of fans who are forever asking why La Vache Qui Rit® actually laughs.

Boursin®: A family story

Boursin, a Bel brand

In 1957, Francois Boursin in the footsteps of his father, built a modern cheese factory in Normandy where cheeses are fresh made in the purest tradition. The famous "Boursin with garlic & herb" appeared in 1963, on market stalls & creameries in Paris.

Boursin®, a unique cheese

Do you know that the recipe of the unique Boursin Garlic & Fines Herbes was created in Normandy more than 40 years ago.

At that time the tradition was to add to the cheese garlic, parsley and chives to raise the taste. Without any additives, this recipe is the subtle marriage of noble ingredients: milk, cream, garlic, fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Discover the rich flavors of the Boursin's family: ingredients carefully selected, mixed with cold fresh cheese that retain their natural taste.

Kiri®: One of the children's favorite cheese spread!

Kiri, a Bel brand

Kiri® has always offered gourmet cheese spreads that respond perfectly to every mother's wish to serve the best to her children.

So soft, so white, so creamy... children fall in love with Kiri® in their infancy. And each portion contains ingredients essential for their growth - milk, and of course good cream; the little gourmet can eat it every day on bread, or simply as a snack! The mothers have the satisfaction of affording their children sugar-free enjoyment.

Babybel®: Cheese with Cheer!

Babybel, a Bel brand

Natural cheese goodness, in a distinctive waxy jacket. That's Mini Babybel®, a global cheese phenomenon. Wherever it goes, fun follows.Every year, over a billion Mini Babybels are unzipped and eaten. Babybel®, which was developed to initiate a new way of eating cheese, has been universally popular since 1952, it can be enjoyed everywhere by everybody.

Resolutely new, it stands out by virtue of its instantly recognisable red wax shell, and spreads good humour and fun everywhere it goes. Pleasure and nutrition: The delight that Babybel® affords starts as soon as it's opened... when the wax shell is unzipped to reveal the cheese in all of its appetizing plumpness!

Its conviviality and practicality make it the ideal guest at any party. Above all Practical , it is the perfect partner at any gourmet snack or meal break. Naturally rich in calcium, Mini Babybel® is a nutritional asset as well as a simple pleasure to eat. Its 98% milk content makes Mini Babybel® a nourishing product, notable for its supply of protein and calcium.

Leerdammer®: Cheese with Character!

Leerdammer, a Bel brand

Leerdammer® is a hard continental cheese with an irresistibly sweet, nutty taste and a lot of holes. One of the best-selling cheeses in Europe, it's a great everyday staple with an extraordinary taste. It has a solid reputation with a large number of loyal customers all over the world.

An irresistible taste

Creamy and soft, Leerdammer® really is a cheese for all occasions. Its mild hazelnut taste, creamy and slightly fruity, makes Leerdammer® a cheese with a strong personality. Combining traditional cheese making skills and modern technological innovation, Leerdammer® comes in a full range of styles and flavours, some traditional, some more adapted to the requirements of contemporary life. Whether you eat it as part of a family meal, or simply as a snack, you will quickly fall for Leerdammer® 's irresistible taste.